I visit a site nicknamed WCF and on there is my ex unfortunately. Over the past few weeks she’s stirred up controversy on there (which you can read about on the WCF on tumblr if you’re really interested…) anyway, today she started a topic about stereotypes and I began debating with her, not arguing because tbh I was bored and I didn’t really care, and it got a bit out of hand, she began insulting me on another thread and a few very kind people began sticking up for me. Now before this, I followed her sister on twitter just in case I had to contact her about the behaviour of her sister (because it was starting to get out of hand). Anyway, it spills over into big arguments, etc etc, and I post links of her profile and her tumblr to her sister to try and get her to stop her sister basically bullying and undermining people. Well, the response I got wasn’t very pleasant. Basically it was “I’m not going to listen to you, I’ll follow your lead and contact your family, my sister wasn’t bullying, don’t talk to her etc.” okay, one- if my sister was causing trouble on a site I wouldn’t be happy about all the criticism but I’d want to know. Secondly- the ‘lead’ on my twitter is to this tumblr blog which barely contains any information about my family. Third- she was bullying. Fourth- it was a public forum if she didn’t want her speaking to people or me why is it my fault? I can speak to whoever I want to, it’s not my fault that her sister replied, etc.
I was shaking earlier when I got her private messages but I’m a bit calmer right now, I really just needed to get this out. I won’t tag this WCF because it’s personal and she might see it and have a go at me again. And I’m not being a backstabber, I’m trying to get across what happened, and yes maybe I shouldn’t have followed her sister and maybe I shouldn’t have replied to some of her threads, I accept that maybe I was wrong to do so, but her behaviour (of both of them) today and other times is disgraceful and for such a sophisticated family it’s shocking.
Sorry for the rant.